19 April, 2016

19 April: 1936 - 2016

19 April 2016: the day on which I gave thanks for completing my 8th decade, and the day before I took a tentative step into my 9th decade.

On 17 April 2016, the Tobrady family gathered to celebrate my 80th birthday at Vincents restaurant in Beaumaris. 

On the actual day of my  birthday, Patricia took me for lunch at a surprise location in Mordialloc - Tommy Ruff Fishbar where we shared a fisherman's platter and delighted in a glass or two of white wine.

My daughter Karen on a birthday card to me included a quote from the psalms:

Seventy years to our life,
or eighty if we are strong,
yet most of them are sorrow and trouble;
they pass quickly, and we are swept along.
                                                                                             Psalm 90 (89) 10

I give thanks that I have reached 80. With a bit of an effort, I may have crossed the line from 79 to 80 years, but I am far from strong. As I reflect on the past, I can remember moments of sorrow and trouble, but overall I am content with the life I have experienced. I concur that the years have passed quickly and that we have been swept along by a series of events. And now, as I prepare to enter my 9th decade, I pull up a soft padded chair and rest comfortably in "God's Waiting Room".

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