04 March, 2014

Films - 2013

Due to an accident I was unable to attend the cinema from April to July. 

August was a busy period as I made up lost time by attending the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). Stand out features were A Highjacking (Denmark); Tenderness (Belgium); My Sweet Pepper Land Iraqi Kurdistan): The Past (France); Jin (Turkey); Rhino Season (Iraq Kurdistan / Turkey); and Gloria (Chile).

Prior to the accident I attended the French Film Festival, which turned out to be of a lower standard than past years. However, I was impressed with A Gang Story; Welcome Aboard; Louise Wimmer; and Three Worlds.

Regarding the ‘local cinema’, I thought the best films were (not in any order): Stories We Tell; Amour; The Rocket; American Hustle; and The Gilded Cage.

Viewers of At The Movies selected; Gravity; Django Unchained; Blue Jasmine; The Silver Linings Playbook; Life of Pi; Amoiur; Zero Dark Thirty; The Hunt; and The Great gatsby

I now look forward to attending the French Film Festival which is on from 5 to 23 March at the Palace cinemas.

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