29 November, 2013

Rehabilitation - Part 2

In my entry dated 19 July 2013 I discussed my accident and the path that I was taking to recovery. At the end of the blog I commented, " Thus, the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy program will continue until the end of August. I daresay that by the end of November I will be walking au naturel." That statement needs to be updated.

My time at the rehabilitation centre would have concluded earlier if the podiatrist had made for me a set of orthotics which took into account that my left leg is 1/2 inch shorter than the other leg. For six weeks the ill-fitting orthotics held back my progress in the physiotherapy program.

Today was my last session at the rehabilitation centre. I believe that it will be another three months before I will be walking au naturel. At the conclusion of today's session, I thanked wholeheartedly the two physiotherapist who had guided and assisted me over a seven month period. For the final stage of recovery I will continue with an exercise program designed by the physiotherapist, and I will hire a domestic exercise bike.

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