14 August, 2013

MIFF 2013

This year’s international film festival was held from 25 July to 11 August.

I saw 11 films of which one was a documentary. I had Patsy’s company at the documentary and 3 of the films.

The first film we saw was the documentary In Bob We Trust; a most entertaining and informative documentary of how the compassionate Father Bob has responded to the call of Jesus to help the poor and the downtrodden. The film opened with a rather humorous potted history of the evolution of the institutional church, and then proceeded to detail the social welfare work of Bob and his volunteers. The film also highlighted the religious and  philosophical clash between the hierarchs of the Catholic Church and Father Bob the radical priest.  As a Roman Catholic I felt for the treatment meted out to Bob by the hierarchs, and concurred with his frustration at seeing Vatican 2 undermined by an oligarchy of conservative hierarchs.

The Age (13 August 2013, page 34), in summing up the film festival commented that the documentary on Father Bob ‘…is one of the best Australian films of any kind in years’.

Our rating of the films:

5 Stars:

In Bob We Trust**; Jin; Ginger and Rosie**; The Past; My Sweet Pepper Land**; and High Jacking.

4 Stars:

Gloria;Tenderness**; Rhino Season**.

3 Stars:

In Bloom.

2 Stars:

Gebo and Shadow.

** Films seen by Patsy.

The popular vote for Best Feature: Of the nine films The Past was second  and High Jacking was eighth. 

The popular voter for Best Documentary: Of the ten films In Bob We trust was fourth.

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