12 May, 2012

VLine Train - Shepparton

Each year the Federal and State Governments issue travel free vouchers to those who hold Senior Cards or are on the age pension. In the past Patsy and I have taken advantage of these vouchers to travel to Sydney, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castelemaine, and Traralgon.

On May 3 and 4 we travelled to Shepparton on a VLine train, a journey of 2½ hours. It was most relaxing to watch the changing scenery of the countryside as we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. A conversation with another couple revealed that they too enjoy train travel, and on this occasion they were going for a short holiday at Echuca. They also told us of their plans to travel by train later on in the year from Melbourne to Sydney, and from there to Darwin via Adelaide.

On our return journey we travelled by VLine bus to Seymour where a train was waiting to take us to Southern Cross station. This provided us with slightly different scenery plus the advantage of  passing through the small towns of Murchison and Nagambie.

Our visit to Shepparton was an occasion to celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary and to view Sam Jink’s sculptures. Accommodation was at the four star Carrington Hotel, and for getting around Shepparton we made use of taxis. We were most impressed with our accommodation, and enjoyed our dinner and buffet breakfast. We can recommend this hotel.

On a visit to Shepparton in October 2011, I was disappointed to find that the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) was closed until February 2012 as it was undergoing an expensive refurbishment. A chance reading of the Herald Sun newspaper revealed that SAM would be exhibiting Sam Jinks' realist sculptures from 3 May to 1 July 2012. The title of the retrospective exhibition is Body in Time. The community of Shepparton in 2010 purchased Woman and Child, a Sam Jink’s sculpture. “This sculpture stands slightly smaller than life size, is made from silicon and human hair, and was inspired by his mum and daughter”.( Herald Sun 20 April 2012, page 72).

Click on photo for larger version

I was almost mesmerized by this sculpture; so lifelike. The eyes of the baby are slightly closed but exhibit a keenness to observe the world into which it has been thrust. The woman appears to be locked in a trance as she lovingly embraces the baby. As I was observing this sculpture I felt that at any moment the woman would emerge from her trance and  slowly lift her head to look inquiringly at me.

We were more than impressed with the display of Sam Jinks’ sculptures. We topped off the afternoon by looking at the display of art on the first floor

Sam Jinks sculptures reflect the fact that he studied with hyper-realist sculptor Ron Mueck and worked as technician for surrealist sculptor Patricia Piccinini. A Google search will help you to appreciate more the creativity of Sam Jinks, and indeed that of Ron Mueck and Patrticia Piccininni.

A journalist from the Shepparton News discussed with the curator of SAM aspects of the Sam jinks sculptures display:

The reader may find it of interest to view the following videos which illustrate how Ron Mueck creates a sculpture:


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