26 July, 2011

Winter 2010-2011

Last year I spent a good part of winter re-organizing the front and back gardens. In the front, bottom section of the garden, one tree was removed along with all the native plants. At the rear the old lawn was dug up and replaced with buffalo turf; the dog kennel was converted into a store; a lot of dirt was moved around to reshape and create an the area for native plants; and, thanks to Todd, our grand-son, 3 sq. m. of scoria was removed. In September and the following months I planted a wide variety of native plants. Both gardens consist of  6 trees and 141 plants / bushes.

The winter of 2011 has been less physical and more relaxing as I am enjoying our moderate winter indoors (moderate by comparison with Europe) by reading; going to an occasional film; and undertaking two computer projects. Such activities help pass the time, and stimulate the mind. From time to time I wander around the gardens observing the state of the new plants and bushes, and pulling out weeds which just refuse to go away. Patsy being a more sociable type enjoys the company of her many friends and following her football team. In short, it can be said that I am the Minister for Domestic Affairs and Patsy is the Minister for External Affairs.

From mid-July to the second week of August, I will temporarily suspend my domestic portfolio, and join Patsy in two external activities; attending the Melbourne International Film Festival and staying a couple of nights at the country town of Healesville. Our interest is to visit the nearby Tarrawarra Winery where there is an exhibition of the finalists for the Archibald Prize 2011.

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