30 May, 2011

Our Garden: 2009 to 2010

During the winter of 2010 I made extensive changes to the layout of our front and rear gardens. 

My motivation was the glaring realization that the backyard was a shambles - back fence was almost falling down; lawn was more weeds than grass; native plants had a worn-out look; the clothes line needed to be replaced and relocated so that the washing hung out to dry would get the full benefit of the sun; and an old dog kennel needed to be removed. This mishmash of a garden reflected the fact that in enjoying my many interests as a retiree I had neglected the backyard. By comparison, the front garden had been better cared for. However, I decided to clear the bottom section, and to create a less cluttered arrangements of shrubs.

In the front, bottom section of the garden, one tree was removed along with all the native plants. On the blind-side of the house a water tank was installed. In the backyard the old lawn was dug up and replaced with buffalo turf; the dog kennel was converted into a store; a lot of dirt was moved around to reshape and create an the area for more native plants; some shrubs were removed; and, thanks to Todd, our grand-son, 3 sq. m. of scoria was removed. In September and the following months I planted a wide variety of native plants. My plan was to have two gardens containing 6 trees and 141 of mostly Australian native plants. 

A video, Toff's Botanica 2010, which provides an overview of the changing shape of the front and rear gardens since 2009, can be viewed at:


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